It's a new year and I'd like to discuss some of the changes we're making around BlueVM to make our services better for each of our clients. Last year we didn't live up to our expectations and we're working incredibly hard to change that in the coming year. Here's a quick overview of the changes we're making:

We've brought on three additional staff members; two support technicians and a dedicated systems administrator. We've also introduced higher monitoring and faster system down alerts.

In addition we're working on a new server build which when complete should make our systems have increased uptime and prevent abuse. We're about to start having customers test out our new builds so if you're interested feel free to email [email protected]

Which leads me to my next point: If there's something you feel we can improve on feel free to let us know and we'll gladly look into it. It's our mission to provide you with great support and uptime... if for some reason we aren't living up to that let me know and I'll fix it.

Finally to welcome in the new year we're offering 90% off all of our VPS plans (for either the first month or first quarter of the year). You can use the coupon code: 90PERCENT while checking out to get this discount applied to your invoice. That means you can order a BLUE4 quarterly for $3.00 for the beginning of the year.

Please feel free to submit a ticket with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,
The BlueVM Staff

Thursday, January 1, 2015

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